The Fort Worth Marathon is a non-profit organization that organizes an annual Marathon and other running event to raise funds for programs that promote exercise and health in the Fort Worth, Texas community and primarily in the public school systems. The Fort Worth Marathon course is certified by the USA Track and Field association and can be used to Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Mark your calendars now for November 8, 2015. See Race Information for details.

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Marathon $100 :: 20 Miler $90 :: Half Marathon $80


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2014 Fort Worth Marathon Winners

Congratulations to our 2014 winners! Official results can be found at Its Your Race. check out Movin' Pictures for photos from the race.


Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
317 Juan Serrano 02:53:34 6:37 32
150 Tracy Gruman 03:06:01 7:05 37

Full Marathon Results

20 Miler

Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
1269 Craig Birkenfeld 02:15:06 6:45 29
1281 Kimberly Drechsel 02:36:46 7:50 51

20 Miler Results

Half Marathon

Bib # Name Finish Pace Age
1123 Derek Yorek 01:12:28 5:31 31
1031 Heather welsch 01:28:39 6;45 12

Half Marathon Results

Weather Almanac

General weather info.

Avg Temp: 50°-60°F
High: 70°
Low: 40°
Sunrise: 6:55 A.M.

Fort Worth Marathon Climate

2015 Fort Worth Marathon Sponsors

Southwest Sports Massage
Run Like a Cheetah
Sports Authority
Ginger and Associates